As an untrained practitioner you’re putting your professional reputation at stake every time you administer a facial aesthetics treatment. What would it take for a customer to give you a bad review, make a complaint, or even start legal proceedings – as any of these responses will have a detrimental effect on your business.

Obviously when providing Botox and dermal filler injections you are responsible for the results, which is why they need to be natural looking and provide an effective rejuvenation. Should your client’s face look frozen, unnatural, or lumpy, it’s unlikely that your customer will return for top ups.

Should your customer experience any adverse health side-effects; mental or physical, following treatment, which you then handle badly, you could be looking at the potential end of your business. It’s a lot easier to avoid complications and sub optimal results if you’re prepared for them.

That’s where we come in.

Our training Centre in Cheshire will teach you better techniques, filling any gaps in your anatomical knowledge and support you in making the right choices regarding patient selection.

It is our priority to train you to deliver facial aesthetic treatments in a safer, more effective manner and wherever possible prevent unnecessary complications from occurring.

Here are the three areas on which we’ll concentrate your training. However, should you have a particular practice area about which you feel under-confident, we are flexible enough to custom create our training to suit you.

You’ll be asked about how you’d like to focus your training when we speak to you.

Correct techniques:
As a medical professional you will no doubt have received some training in administering injections. Do you know the best injection sites to achieve optimal Botox and dermal filler results? Can you accurately predict the exact effects your injections will have on a certain area of the face? We’ll teach you that. We’ll help you get smoother, more natural looking results that will give your customers more confidence in their looks and confidence in your skills to deliver a great rejuvenation every time.

The right product for the job:
Do you ever look at a client’s face and wonder which sort of filler is going to achieve the best look? Perhaps you then opt for a filler you know will work well enough. This shouldn’t be happening. You should be able to assess the patient’s appearance and know exactly which filler product is most appropriate. If you’re unsure whether the client would benefit more from fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, you need training first! We’ll give you an overview of each filler and Botox product, as well as show you how each is best applied. We’ll help up your game in order to help you exceed your customers expectations every time.

Better patient assessment:
If you’ve ever had a patient experience an adverse affect, have you asked yourself why? It might not have been your techniques that were at fault, but rather because you didn’t do your homework! In order for your clients to be happy with your service, you need to manage their expectations. If the client is expecting you to turn the clock back by 25 years, they’re going to be disappointed. If the client has a bleeding disorder that you didn’t know about because your medical background check was insufficient, you could have a health problem on your hands.

When you come for your formal facial aesthetics training at our modern comfortable training centre in Cheshire, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to give you confidence in your abilities and help you build a stronger business.