The FDA has just approved the use of Botox to treat forehead lines.

As this news has hit the national press, there’s likely to be a renewed interest in Botox as a rejuvenation treatment, given the extra authority the FDA lends to this particular procedure.

All 3 of the most common anti-wrinkle procedures have now been given the green light by the FDA, which should prove to potential Botox users that this anti-ageing treatment is safe and really does work.

As a Botox practitioner, you’re in an ideal position to grow your business and customer base off the free press that is generating for services you provide.

The big question now is how to do you put yourself ahead of the competition and make yourself stand out as a practitioner who should be approached before others in your area? The answer is by enrolling on a Botox training course at our facial aesthetics education centre here in Cheshire.

If you’re offering a service that can potentially alter a person’s appearance and, in the wrong hands, have a detrimental effect on a person’s health, the more you can prove your experience and authority within your industry, the more likely you are to be more successful than your competition.

Enrolling on a Botox training course will demonstrate to your customers that in an unregulated industry, you’ve taken every step to ensure that the services you offer are professional, that you are educated in how anti-wrinkle injections should be administered and that you have had enough hands-on experience in the presence of a mentor to be able to deal with any problems as they arise.

Botox training course contents in Cheshire

You will be a medical professional, or high level therapist, in order to embark on the courses we offer, so you will be expected to have some knowledge of injection techniques.

What we will do is refresh your knowledge of facial anatomy, show you the best injection entry points for dealing with specific ageing problems and help you improve your own techniques.

We’ll identify and address any gaps in your knowledge when it comes to delivering Botox and we’ll give you extensive practise in analysing a range of problems before training you in how to deal with each of them. In addition to all of this, we’ll help you market your business and capitalise on the FDA’s recent approval of Botox for forehead lines.

If you’ve not received any training in delivering Botox procedures, but you’ve been offering this procedure to repeat customers for years, how can you be sure you’re delivering optimal, natural-looking results very time in the safest possible manner?

We can help you up your game and in doing so, increase your chances of your customers spreading positive words about the experience they’ve had at your clinic; a very effective form of advertising that simply can’t be bought!

Please give our Cheshire based reception team a call to find out about individual places on our Botox training courses, as well as group bookings.

We’ll be able to find a course that best suits your needs and time schedule.