As dermal filler usage and application techniques change, do you keep yourself updated?

When you hear about a new part of the body that can benefit from a dermal filler rejuvenation, do you immediately offer that treatment from your practice in order to capitalise on the widespread promotion it’ll inevitably get from the mainstream media, assuming that you’ll be able to get it right first time?

Or, do you take a less risky approach and embark on one of our dermal fillers courses from our Cheshire centre to update your skills and ensure you can deliver the new technique without compromising on your results and your reputation? After all, it only takes one visible bad review to put off potentially hundreds of customers!

The latest trend in facial aesthetics is to have your earlobes treated with dermal fillers. This plumps up the earlobe and gives it a more flattering shape to show off your earrings. Women with earlobes that have sagged due to the weight of carrying heavy earrings over many years are most likely to benefit from the procedure.

There is likely to be a lot of interest in this treatment given the page-space dedicated to the subject, but if you don’t keep your skills up to date, how can you guarantee to your clients that you’re the best practitioner to supply the service they desire?

The answer is obviously to not let your training slip. Remain at the top of your game and an authority within your industry by gaining knowledge and technique improvements periodically.

About our Cheshire-based dermal filler courses

Our dermal filler courses are led by Dr Hamdy who has been supplying facial aesthetic treatment and educating other practitioners for over 10 years. You will refresh your knowledge of facial anatomy and possibly learn something new about how skin ages with a view to providing a visible correction.

Any aspect of providing dermal fillers that you feel under-confident about will be addressed and you will have the opportunity to practise until you feel happy you can deliver a treatment safely and effectively. We’ll workshop what you should do in the event of an adverse client reaction to dermal fillers and enable you to deal with any problems that may arise.

In addition to all of this our dermal filler courses will help you pick up more customers.

With such a wealth of experience in providing this treatment, Dr Hamdy will be able to give you some valuable marketing pointers, which will help you promote your business more effectively.

If you’ve recently read about dermal fillers being used on earlobes and you’d like to find out more, or you’ve never received formal training in this unregulated industry, but wish to gain your clients’ trust by being able to produce a valid training certificate, please get in touch with our team in Cheshire to book your place on one of our dermal filler courses.

Our reception team will be able to advise you on which course may suit you best, once they’ve asked you a few key questions about your career goals.