Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Masterclass

With Mr Ash Labib

Mr Ash Labib

Join us with this very special masterclass to learn expert techniques in the ’15-minute nose job’, led by Mr. Ash Labib who co-pioneered this popular procedure.

You will understand the practical and theoretical aspects of this non-invasive procedure through a detailed analysis of anatomical illustrations to shadowing live demonstrations in our Advanced Rhinoplasty course.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Understanding jawline and chin enhancement to effectively perform the non-surgical procedure
  2. You will undertake practical workshops with models, to understand the key features of this procedure
  3. You will analyse facial anatomical illustrations to understand how this procedure is performed
  4. You will understand the importance of facial aesthetic dimensions for the precise placement of the injected dermal filler
  5. You will become aware of the dangerous areas of the anatomical structure throughout the detailed illustrations on this course
  6. You will become an expert in detailed consultation techniques throughout live demonstrations
  7. You will prepare for the complications that can arise from this non-surgical procedure and receive expert training on how to deal with them effectively

Fee: £795.00 + VAT (Includes VAT products)

You will receive a certificate at the end of the day.

Please Note: Each delegate is required to bring a model, products are provided by CISC-Training.