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Our Course for New Practitioners

Botox Training in Cheshire

Botox is an extremely popular cosmetic treatment with demand continuing to grow.

Its popularity is not surprising considering how effective and safe it is.

Today’s clients are looking for reputable clinics with expert practitioners to carry out regular Botox treatments.

We can help you meet their needs through our comprehensive Botox courses.

All of our courses are led by our expert team with years of experience in both carrying out Botox treatments and training practitioners.

Choose a foundation course if you’re new to Botox

If you’re a nurse, doctor or dentist who hasn’t worked with Botox before, then our foundation course will provide you with the practical skills, knowledge and understanding you need to begin providing Botox treatments at your own clinic with confidence.

Learning is hands on combined with comprehensive theory.

You’ll also have the opportunity to observe a live demonstration before performing the treatment yourself during a practical workshop under clinical supervision.

FEES | Foundation Toxin Course

Foundation Toxin Course £795 plus VAT


The foundation Botox course includes:

  1. Understanding Botox and how/where it’s used
  2. Pharmacology and physiology
  3. Anatomical considerations
  4. Dosage guidelines
  5. Preparation and injection technique
  6. Understanding the importance of accurate patient assessment from initial consultation through to treatment by viewing live demonstrations
  7. How to deliver Botox injections by completing a practical workshop in Botox for the forehead, glabella and around the eyes
  8. How to market Botox treatments